Kairos was inspired by an ancient concept dating back from the Greek mythology, Kairos (the Greek word καιρός, “the opportune moment”, “right” or “supreme”). In the Greek mythology, he is the God of the opportune moment. Kairos is mentioned from the fifth century B.C., when Íon of Quios has dedicated him an anthem, on which he celebrates him as the youngest son of Zeus. In Sicyon, there was a Kairos Statue sculpted by Lisipo. Kairos also had an altar in Olympia.

The ancient Greeks had two words for time: Chronos and Kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time (time which is measured, from a quantitative nature, such as days, months, years…), or the time of men; Kairos has a qualitative nature, a moment of indeterminate time in which an event of significance happens: the experience of the opportune moment. In the Greek-Roman philosophy, Kairos is the experience of the opportune moment. The Pythagoreans considered Kairos as an “opportunity”, the potential time, the eternal time as opposed to linear time. In rhetoric, Kairos was a central notion as it characterized the "passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force and skill if success is to be achieved”. It symbolizes the best present moment: the instant when chaos can be prevented and happiness (order) can be embraced.

Interestingly, the word Kairos is also used in theology to describe the qualitative form of time, as the “time of God” (the eternity), it cannot be measured, since per one of the passages of the Bible “(…) one day for the Lord is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day” (2 Peter 3:8).

The letter “M” is inspired by the initials of both founders

The symbol of Kairos, Engenharia e Construção, SA has two colours, lapis lazuli, which brings light into meanings such as fidelity, honesty, trust and peace of mind; the golden colour, symbolizes prosperity.

These are the basic principles that guide the philosophy, both on a work level and on a global level of life of all the team members of the company M. Kairos, Engenharia e Construção, SA, and with them we aim to build up a perfect connection with customers, suppliers and the society as a whole


M. Kairos-Engenharia e Construção, SA., is a new company name given to the previous company Imolisp-Engenharia e Construção, SA., which was established in 2003. Throughout the years, in line with the economic changes in Europe, this company shifted its targets leaving behind the real estate business, and moved to project engineering and execution of contracting works, more exactly rehabilitation and restoration of buildings, namely buildings of great historical and patrimonial value.

The experience acquired from these works and due to a tight group of teamwork resulted from a careful selection of highly skilled and experienced technicians deeply connected to the Kairos’ philosophy of the company, ensure us that we are extremely well prepared to the challenges we intend to achieve.


To the Customer’s satisfaction

Having in mind the professional ethics assumed on a very committed way. Reconciling art and technique, coupled with strong commitment of highly-qualified and experienced professionals in the sector of construction engineering and architecture. But also by betting on the use of most advanced generation of technological materials to get continuous improvement of methods and processes, though having always in consideration the environment protection and of society as a whole.